Liam Wandi is a Grappling & Gracie Jiu Jitsu (BJJ) writer and coach specializing in establishing the correct technical fundamentals of the beautiful art. Currently holding the rank of brown belt under Royler Gracie Black Belt Professor Eddie Kone, Liam decided to focus his coaching efforts on developing the most efficient drills, time- and energy-wise, to lay the foundation of Grappling and BJJ.

Working a full-time job and studying on a part-time basis throughout my Martial Arts journey has taught me that our most precious and valuable asset is time. Being surrounded by younger athletes, many of whom were either professional, semi-professional or otherwise free to dedicate several hours a day to training made me realize that when you are like me, on a tight busy schedule and can't train as much as you may want to, you need specific training methods to get the most out of your Grappling & BJJ sessions”                                                        

Liam Wandi

Parallel to his Martial Arts career, Liam spent years studying human biology & anatomy, linguistics and the art of teaching. Today, Liam offers you specifically tailored coaching programs and services – From private sessions, semi-private to seminars (Please check the Testimonials Page). To contact Liam please visit drop him a line on: liamwandi@yahoo.co.uk

To discuss and book your suitable training package, please send a quick email to liamwandi@yahoo.co.uk

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