Do you want to host a seminar with Liam?

Liam regularly teaches seminars, both in the UK and abroad, for both beginners & advanced.

These seminars are always well-attended, due to Liam’s focus on the fundamentals of teaching & coaching.

Hosting Liam at your dojo or academy is a great opportunity for your members to get fresh exposure to technqiues and strategies they may already be familiar with, as well as concepts they may have not practiced before.

A seminar with Liam always has a special theme; ranging from "How To Train Jiu-Jitsu Forever" to "Introduction to Grappling" to "Gracie Jiu-jitsu Self Defence" to "Competitive BJJ" to "Transitioning from Gi to NoGi Training" to "Blending Judo with Jiu-jitsu" and much more.

The seminars will naturally be tailored to your academy’s specific needs.

To learn more about hosting a seminar with Liam, please send a quick email to

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